Compassion Blogger

“And the King shall answer and say unto them,

Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it

unto one of the least of these my brethren,

ye have done it unto me.

(Matthew 25:40)


First a bit of testimony:

One day, in the year 2005, a commercial for World Vision came on. They were asking me to sponsor a child. Well, that’s what I felt like. I saw the faces of those children. Hungry faces, thirsty faces, dirty faces, smiling faces, innocent little faces. The message pierced my heart. As I stood before the television, I recalled moments in my childhood when I used to see those commercials and think that I wanted to help a child in need. That day, I was given my opportunity. I signed up immediately. I became a child sponsor.

I saw myself in that child’s place. I imagined what it was like to be hungry and not have anything to eat. I imagined being sick and not getting proper treatment. I imagined not having clean water to take a bath in. And what about not having a proper roof, clothing, shoes, or a bed. This I imagined. My heart burned within me to do something. I did. In fact, I would still. Yet, as the years have gone by; due to financial changes, I have been unable to further sponsor the child I had or any other children.

My current way of being involved in child sponsorship:




A while back, I signed up with Compassion Bloggers to become a blogger for children in poverty. I feel so privileged to take part in such a great cause. Our children are the next generation. They are the ones we will be passing the baton of the Kingdom to. Wherever they are, whether in Africa, Asia, Latin America, God desires to use them for His kingdom. I remember growing up, not having everything I wanted. But never was I in any situation as some of the children who are in other countries.

Over the years I have realized that we, here in America, are blessed more than we realize. We have so many resources that we can use to bless the life of someone else. Why not become a sponsor to give another child life and hope? Would you miss the money once it’s gone? If you kept it, what would you spend it on? I have been a witness (having done it myself) to people having money and blowing it on things they didn’t even need. They spend it because they have it. But why not save it and use it for a good cause? Why not give to a child in need?




The Word of God says that when you give to one of the least of these, you are giving to Jesus. To feed, clothe, give water, to a child in need is as doing it to Jesus himself. Sponsor a child today. Just click the Compassion International link provided here. All the information you need will be provided. You will not regret the blessing that you will give to another child’s life.

Are you a blogger? If not sponsoring a child, how about joining the Compassion Bloggers team. We would love to have you. Think about it. Pray about it.

~ Erica