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Erica Dunomes is a firm believer in God who is grateful to be saved by Jesus. She is wife to Carlos and mother to a blended family of six. She is also a writer and a poet. She spends the most of her time pursuing growth in her walk with God, prioritizing her family, and encouraging other women along the way to seek Truth while obtaining Heaven’s Treasure.


  The world is facing uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Lots of people are passing away, leaving families torn and distraught as they attempt as best they can to lay their loved ones to rest. Medical professionals and grocery store workers are in high demand to make sure that the needs of everyone are…

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Why Not You? Why Not Now?

“Why not me? Why not now?” Are these the questions that you are asking yourself right now? What is it that you’ve been expecting? What have you been waiting to see come to pass in your life? During prayer on Saturday, the man of God said some of the most powerful words. He said, “There…

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View Every Move As A Seed

I’m excited about this vision board for so many reasons. One of them being the fact that for most of my life, I only visualized the kind of life I wanted to live. Yet, I was lost to exactly what it took to get there. I would set goals. I never reached them. I would…

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One Word for 2019

Happy New Year! Yes, I know that we are in the month of March. Yes, I realize that March is about to end and we are days away from entering into the month of April. To me, that’s beside the point. It is still a new year. 2019 to be exact. Now, let me ask…

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