Why Not You? Why Not Now?

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“Why not me? Why not now?”

Are these the questions that you are asking yourself right now?

What is it that you’ve been expecting? What have you been waiting to see come to pass in your life?

During prayer on Saturday, the man of God said some of the most powerful words.

He said, “There are some of you here expecting a repeat of last year. You think that you’re going to go through the exact same thing. And it seems like there will be no change. But I challenge you to expect the opposite. Expect this year to be different. Because God is good!”

Friend, can I tell you that he’s so right! God is good. And God is always doing new things in the lives of His children. Your last year will not be your this year.

So I challenge you to dream. I challenge you to hope. I challenge you to visualize what you truly expect. And then EXPECT IT.

What you’re looking for, as long as it aligns with God’s will, has already been provided for you. It just has to go through the proper process before it gets to you. So let your expectation be from the One True Source through whom all things have been provided. Jesus.

You’ve been given that vision for a reason. You’ve been given that assignment for a reason. You’ve been given that promise for a reason. And in God’s perfect timing, it will serve God’s purpose.

But in the meantime, Friend, prepare yourself for the expectation. Watch with hope and wonder. Look to see what God is going to do. Trust and believe that He is faithful to do it and bring it all to pass.

He is for you.


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Erica here! That is literally my favorite way to introduce myself. I’m a firm believer in God who is grateful to be saved by Jesus. I am wife to Carlos and mother to a blended family of six. I am a writer who is also a poet. When you get to truly know me, you’ll find that I spend the most of my time pursuing growth in my walk with God, prioritizing my family, and encouraging other women along the way to seek God’s Truth while obtaining Heaven’s treasure; find hope in their struggles. I’m so glad you’re here!

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